Bad Piggies: The Reviews

Bad Piggies is a puzzle game for Android devices developed by Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

The main purpose of this fun puzzle game is to build a vehicle (air or land) to the finish of each level, to build it we should assemble all the pieces available and in some cases exclude unnecessary pieces.

Due to the complexity of the levels, and considering the total number of pieces available in the game, we find almost never very similar levels, in fact, all vehicles must be constructed considering the characteristics of the level.

The pieces to build the vehicle are many, we will have square blocks for the frame, wheels (some can be motorized), less powerful engines and very powerful motors, fans, propellers, rockets, helium balloons, bombs and many other pieces.

The levels are very many, in several different modes including an online race against other opponents (asynchronous multiplayer, I think it’s similar to the multiplayer Hill Climb racing 2).
The main category of the levels are divided into several sections, some unlockables after reaching certain goals.
Each section has a certain type of levels that require tackling with similar pieces, each successive level in the same section has a greater than the previous problems, I so the original game, fun and never repetitive!

We can conquer the stars (3 per level, each has a specific purpose) individually, it is important to reach the finish line after each goal.
Some levels will be very long, and complete it will be very difficult, in these cases it is better to proceed by trial and try to improve the medium each time with small changes.

The graphics are well done, the music is fun and Rovio style.
The gameplay consist, after scoring the cart, in activating the various pieces at the right time, such as rockets, the engine or the propellers, otherwise our vehicle may destroy or overturn.

My opinion of this game is great! Download, is one of the best free games on the store.

Here is the download link:

Here is my video gameplay: