The Best applications: Adjust the brightness and the color temperature of the display

In recent years, due to increasing use of smartphones, we have started talking about quality of brightness and visual comfort in the use of the devices.

The type of light emission of a smartphone should be adjusted in relation to the illuminance of the environment in which we are. By day and in well-lit environments, our smartphone should have a cold color temperature (4500K 5000K) and high intensity, instead the night should have a warm color temperature (2700K 3000K) and low intensity (in many cases also the minimum value imposed by the manufacturer may be too high).

The LED technology that use the displays of smartphones, allows huge adjustments of luminous intensity and color temperature.
Through these three applications that I am going to recommend, you can make lots of adjustment:

The more professional: Twilight
You can adjust the brightness, the color temperature in degrees K and the intensity of the color filter, and you can select a specific time in which you want to automatically activate the filter, or select your location you will use your sunset times for activate the filter.
You can even use a widget on the system homepage.
Here is the link to download Twilight:

Here’s the video of Twilight:

The more colorful: sFilter – Blue Light Filter
It has almost all of the previous features except the selection of locations, can also be activated from the notification bar, start on boot smartphone.
One of its most attractive features, and easy selection of many colored filters! Of which 12 free colors.
Here is the link to download sFilter – Blue Light Filter:

Here’s the video of sFilter – Blue Light Filter:

The simplest: Blue Light Filter – Night Mode
The application of this screen is the most simple and intuitive, we can choose the color temperature by some preset icons, these icons represent the light sources with different color temperatures (hot and cold), adjust the intensity of the filter and further adjust the brightness.
We can choose the times that automatically start the filter and / or turn it off or turn it on via the notification bar.
Here is the link to download Blue Light Filter – Night Mode:

Here’s the video of Blue Light Filter – Night Mode: