The best file manager – WiFi File Explorer Pro & Es File Explorer: The Review

Today I review two fundamental program for all users of Android devices that are used to manage files of any type, and perform all the operations that usually run on a PC.

WiFi File Explorer Pro is an essential application if often we transfer files between your phone and your PC, in fact, through this application we can manage all the phone files via the PC browser present in the same wifi network as your phone.

The manager of this operation is very simple, need only enter the html address in the PC browser address bar, and we can start to transfer files.

Wifi File Explorer PRO
Wifi File Explorer PRO

Es File Explorer is the best file manager of the play store, it has many great features, such as:
– Compress several files into a single zip file.
– Viewer of images, text, audio and video files.
– Manage applications.
– Manage memory, including a cleaner manager.
– Share files, transfer files between two Android devices.
– Integration cloud.
– Many other features ….
Es File has many features, some do not ever use (probably), while others will use them very often.

It is an application especially suited to those who are good with technology (does it all!), But also to whom it is not, at least for basic functions (has a very intuitive graphic)

ES File Explorer
ES File Explorer

I advise everyone to download them! My rating is Excellent for both!

Es File is free, Wifi File PRO is free only on Amazon App Shop, on the play store there is a limited free version and the paid PRO (about $ 1).

Here are the download links:
Here are some videos made by me: