Bridge constructor medieval: The Review

Bridge constructor medieval is a simulator developed by medieval bridges Headup Games.

The player will have to build a medieval bridge (with only medieval material, then stone and wood strings) and try to achieve the objectives of missions, each mission will have two objectives, one mandatory and one optional.

You will be initially displayed some short tutorial that will allow us to learn the basics of bridge builders.
In the first levels we will build bridges using light wood, heavy wood trunks, walls and rope.
The levels are divided into four groups, in the first world our goal is first to build bridges with upper supports or less, these bridges will resist throwing stones from catapults.
The game is very fun from the second world you’ll also build roofs to allow our soldiers and supplies passing over the bridge to arrive to our kingdom.

The geometry of the bridge and the load distribution will be crucial, even for the covers.

To complete some optional goals, we will have to build a bridge with a spending limit, that means we have to use poor material and work on geometry and weight distribution.

In some missions we will have to build bridges with particular defects, to ensure that transit through enemy troops on the bridge and that the bridge collapses and pass all enemies.
Special levels are sboccabili after obtaining all the medals in the levels of the world, they are very difficult.
The final rating for this game is excellent, challenge yourself.
Bridge constructor medieval is available sull’Amazon App Store (Amazon Undergroung), or by paying a few dollars on the play store, here is the download link:
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