Bridge constructor: The Review

Bridge constructor It’s a modern bridge simulator developed by ClockStone STUDIO.

The aim of the game is to build bridges with dozens of different characteristics, using wood, steel ropes and concrete.

The game world consists of 5 worlds, 3 of which are always accessible and the two others are only accessible in the Christmas period or during the Easter period.
Every game world has within it many levels with increasing difficulty between different worlds.
The increasing difficulty allows the player to learn the basics for the construction of bridges (in the early levels appears some help).

Realize some bridges is indeed a remarkable achievement, we can test the stability of our bridges, making transit on them for light loads (cars) medium loads (medium truck) or heavy loads (big trucks, not available in some levels).

When will transit vehicles on the bridge carriers of the bridge will be exercised where the most weight, will light up first orange and then red and then the red parts of the bridge will break, often bringing the bridge to collapse and to precipitate vehicles .

Some times it happens that despite the bridge collapses vehicles (often only one) succeed the same to reach the other side of the bridge.

Excellent idea to build bridges with slope, build these bridges is great fun.

My review of this game is very good, a fun game that will make you use your mind, by teaching the physics of loads.

Here is the link for download, the game is free on the Amazon app store and pay on the play store:

Here is my video gameplay of one of the first few levels: