Classic Metal War Soldier: The reviews

Classic Metal War Soldier is an arcade game, side-scrolling shooter for Android devices, inspired by the famous game Metal Slug and developed by Metal Contra War Soldier.


A few days ago, while looking for a nice free game for Android devices on which to review I found Classic Metal War Soldier, a game inspired by the old Metal Slug, which unlike many similar games had averaged 4.7 stars rating of ( on the play store).

The game has a very simple, completely free structure (so you will not have to buy any enhancement or life, in fact, the developer will gain only through some short promotional video that will see after a few games or when you exit the game.

In the main menu we can only choose to start one of the missions, or turn off the sound.
The missions available when I’m writing the review are only 10 (which could increase with some future update if the game will continue to receive positive comments), do not worry because these 10 missions of increasing difficulty and will require some time to be completed ( if you can).
To unlock levels we will complete the last, so like I said you will not have to pay to unlock them all at once, you’ll have to work hard to unlock them.

The gameplay is quite accurate and fun, the analog stick touch responds well to change direction rather to learn how to properly use the screen buttons to the right will be more difficult, the available weapons are numerous, in fact we can find such as machine guns, machine guns multiple cane, rocket launchers, flame throwers.
The health bar will not go down easily, to get to the game over we will be hit by a dozen bullets.
A negative feature is the artificial intelligence of the enemies, some enemies will continue standing still because some objects blocking their progress.
The end-level bosses are tough and a bit ‘difficult to defeat.

The graphics in games retro style, the explosions are well made, sometimes I notice the small flaws, such as enemies who disappeared in the moment when they were hit, or touch buttons and bullets that did not appear on the screen and in their place c ‘blacks were rectangles.

My opinion of this game is good, although to appreciate this kind of games you will need a controller connected to your Android device, or the control the character can become frustrating.

Here is the download link:

Here is my Video Gameplay: