Evie Launcher: The Review

Evie Launcher is a customization of the operating system Homepage for Android devices.

I tried this beautiful app for the event, launched Just used my current setting of the system homepage to configure itself with my favorite applications, while maintaining their position.

In my opinion is the launcher easier to use than there is in the play store, you will not find any settings to change things (as in Nova launcher, soon review).
The homepage is customizable with your favorite apps, you can insert new sub-tabs at home, in which to insert icons and widgets.

At the top of the homepage we can perform searches of the following type:
-Try Applications installed on the device.
-Try Device settings.
-Try Online via browser and search engine.

When we are on the homepage of the launcher, we can display all applications installed in the device by swiping your finger from the bottom to the top or by tapping the small arrow at the bottom of the screen.
The application will appear in alphabetical order and may be willing to drop list to the bottom or to the grid.

A very simple launcher that allows you to get everything at once, also the application is a lot faster thanks to its light weight (after installed will occupy only 20MB of internal memory and can not be moved nellaMicroSD)

My judgment on this application is almost good, its strength is its simplicity and speed, if you want extreme customization, looking for another launcher.

Here is the link for download from playstore:


Here’s a video made by the application from Android Angry: