Floor tiles 2: The Review

Floor tiles 2 is a music game developed by Cheetah Games.

The aim of the game is to press the keys blacks (symbolizing the keys of a piano) to dial one of the many songs of the game.

The buttons appear on 4 slide rail, if we fail, where touch the screen or press a button, the song will stop and we have to start the game (or use the gems to continue).
In each level, depending on the progress in the song we get the stars, 3 if we complete song without mistakes.

If we complete the song without errors, we can play it to bonus level, a sort of level with the same song but more difficult (due to the increased sliding speed of the buttons).

To unlock the songs we have to get a certain score in the previous ones.

Every time we play, is that if we lose if we lose, we consume a lifetime.
The lives are regenerated over time, or are assigned to us when we complete a song.
The game is very relaxing, the songs are beautiful and able to give you a few moments of serenity while playing.

My advice is to play with good headphones.
Trained thumbs, because you’ll have a good accuracy to complete some songs, but do not worry, some we can neglect them and move forward without complete them.
My opinion on the game is Fair/Good, is a special and original game hand them a chance, you might like.
We can define almost an interactive song, if you do not like the game’s songs do not appreciate it.

Here is the link for the download of the game:


Here’s my gameplay video: