Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter: The Review

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is a horizontal shooter developed by Venus88 Studio.

The aim of the game is to guide our spaceship among the dozens of campaign missions, defeating the thousands of enemy space ships and some bosses end of mission.

The game has a main single player campaign, where are 60 missions, in some of these missions there will be an end of mission boss (a giant spaceship with very dangerous weapons).
All missions are structured in rounds, each round corresponds to an enemy or comets “horde” to destroy in order to continue to the end of the last round (which in some cases will be an end of level boss, layers with the boss they are recognizable from the higher-level icon size, in the level selection screen).

The weapons available for our spacecraft are 5, 3 of which immediately available, the other two unlockable via the coins obtained in the missions (or purchased with real money), all weapons can be upgraded during the game to a certain extent, this limit may be raised further by purchasing with the game coins upgrades.

The gameplay is well done, the spacecraft responds very well to our commands, the weapons are well made and the evolution obtained during missions is great fun also during missions can we change the type of easily picking up the weapon weapon dropped from destroyed ships (just some random).
Between the main arms are of three types, a red with vertical rays, and the other two with vertical and oblique rays (the blue plus green).

When I started playing I did not think I would have enjoyed it so much! I must admit that I am passionate about the game and I do not often!
The first levels are easy to allow the player to get used to the gameplay, after 4 get harder, and we choose well what weapon collecting, in fact some weapons are not suited to face at best a few rounds; others (such as’ red weapon with meteorites)
The graphics are nice, the colors and the ships are original and a bit ‘crazy.

My opinion of this game is great! You’re still here? Go now to download it! It’s free on play store! (Below is the link!)

Here is the download link:

Here is my Video Gameplay: