Galaxy Bowling 3D Underground: The Review

Galaxy Bowling Bowling is a simulator developed by Driftwood Software, available in free and full version in the app store Amazon Underground.

The size of the download for this game is approximately 39 MB.

On the main screen of the game we can choose among several options, to change the settings to turn off audio or sound, change the screen orientation, see the career statistics, eliminate glare and change the bowling ball that we will use some of the specialty games game.

Clicking on play we can choose one of 11 game modes, change the local and select the number of players (up to a maximum of 4 players per game).

The game modes are pretty nice, among these there is the classic bowling and other variants that provide alternatici objects instead of skittles or bowling ball.

The gameplay of this bowling game is not well made, it is indeed bad and unrealistic! We can pull the ball in horizontal (perfectly horizontal) only by changing the starting point of the ball (not the angle).

The most amazing thing was to discover that the developers have decided to allow you to change the trajectory of the ball after pulling (while the ball is already more than half of the lane), this change of direction is a little inaccurate and unrealistic.
My opinion of the gameplay is bad! 

The graphics instead is made, but not always excels, in fact often we notice textured models huge and highly visible.
My opinion of the graphics is good!

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A positive feature of the game is the variety of available games and the ability to play with friends (using the same Android device), these positive characteristics are ruined by the gameplay should be completely redesigned!
The final judgment of this game is mediocre! I recommend this game because it’s free!

Here is the download link:

Here’s the link to my video gameplay (the middle of the video, a bug collapses the pins throughout the game and realize a perfect game, the game is not finding the pins assigns all strike me, it was almost embarrassing):