International Pool: The Review

International Pool is a billiards simulator developed by Kavcom Ltd, available free on the App store amazon underground and paid on playstore.

Just started the game we choose to run a tournament or play a few games for practice.
The graphics of the game is in 3D and is well crafted, both desktop and its surroundings has several details and corners are nicely finished.

We can change the shot to get an overview of the table and the trajectory that we want to give to the ball. There is an option (top left) to see the replays of every action and analyze just made shots.

The gameplay allows the player to customize the shot, selecting precisely the point at which you want to hit the ball, the tilt of the stick and the power of the shot.

We can also see the trajectory expected by our shoot (if we were not able to intuit without help).
This precise gameplay maniacally, allows players to attain a good level easily, fortunately the difficulty of the CPU is scalable, and win a game at the highest difficulties will not be easy!
different game types are available: Us-8-Ball, 8-Ball-Uk, Hall-9-Ball, 10-Ball.

Unfortunately it is not available online multiplayer and local multiplayer, or even using the same device, too bad!

My final judgment on this game is Poor/fair! Although the game is well made, not being able to challenge other people is a major limitation which reduces the longevity of the game and after a few games it makes it boring.
I hope that this feature will be introduced in the future with an update.

Here is the link for the download:

Here is my gameplay video: