Monster Dash: The Review

Monster Dash is an arcade game developed by Halfbrick Studios.

The game has a very simple structure, our aim will be to lead our character during the race through the levels, facing enemies, ravines, bombs and various deadly obstacles.

The game is divided into missions, and each mission has a different purpose, such as beating the hands of zombies, kill them with the sword, or with dozens of different weapons.

In various parts of the layers are of the crates, each crate contains a temporary bonus item, such as a motorcycle. These objects allow us to defeat many enemies and easily go through the levels.
Through the coins, which will be collected in each level, or bought with real money, you can buy weapons or level up or release upgrades.

The game is very fun and allows you to progress quickly enough, further differentiation of levels helps to maintain a good level of longevity.

At the end of each level (when the character runs out of lives or fall into the void) we can decide whether to continue playing (for example, if we bought upgrades), or we will have to start over.
When your character advances in level, his skills (such as the maximum number of lives) increase.
My final judgment is good, the game is fun and longevity, and not too free to play.


Here is the download link of the game:


Here’s the video gameplay! made by Android Angry: