Nova Launcher: The Review

Among the best free launcher and without advertising, available for Android devices is Nova launcher, the free version of Nova launcher first.

This personalization of the system home page was developed by TeslaCoil Software and is among the most customizable of the play store.

Graphical customizations in this launcher, are lots! You can change the number of icons on each page from the system home page, their size, text color, text size and color of the shadow of the text.
Even the Dock can be customized in size and shape color, or it can be completely removed.

The list of applications can be customized, including background colors and text, and the layout of app icons.

We can integrate a permanent search bar in the system home and customize it.
The icons can be customized by changing the icon or changing the name of the application also can be set icon pack.

If we need to change the device, we can create a backup of our configurations and restore all in the new device.

The system can be set transparent notification bar or not, the sliding animations can be changed.

Some small features are only available in the paid version (like the counter icon notifications of applications or gesture), almost all the other features are free.

There is the night mode that will activate at a particular time (chosen by the user) and will change.

My final judgment on the free version of this application is good, has lots of customizations, if we find a flaw is too much complexity that could create some problems for people not technology practices.

Here is the download link:

Here is my video of the launcher features: