PhotoSuite Pro 4 Underground: The Review

PhotoSuite version for Amazon Underground is full and free.

This application is one of the best available (for free) to the advanced image editor.

The main screen allows us to select a photo from the gallery or take a photo and begin editing.
When we select the photo you want, we will access the editing screen, and we can start working on the photo editing.

Top left (next to the application icon) we select the type of change that we turn achieve.
We can for example use different brushes and rubber, change the color, the transparency of the brush, the size of the saturation and the Blur effect.

Another function allows us to select one of a picture and paste it by changing the size.
We can write text on the image, selecting color size and alignment, there are also some different text characters.
Adjustments to the function we can change the brightness, contrast, saturation and the colors of the image (via the Hue function).

One of the most interesting features and the large number of special effects that we can apply to your photos (you can see them almost all in the final part of my video, at the end).
The special effects are one of the most used features, they are all well made and will allow you to choose your favorite effect and customize the intensity with which it is applied to the image, such as color matrix effects, edge detection, gamma or sketch.

My final judgment on this application is great! If your passion are the photos, and you like to modify them with your smartphone Android, this app is perfect for you!

Here is the link to download the free full version on amazon app store and for the same paid version on the play store:

Here is the link to download the free version with optional purchases on the play store:

Here is my video where I show the operation of the application and the various features: