R-type 2: The Review

R-type 2 is the sequel to the hit game of the eighties R-type.

The game is divided into levels with automatic horizontal scrolling, it aims to achieve with our spacecraft, the end of each level and defeat the boss.

The gameplay is fast-paced, implementation by touch keys seemed good, it works well!

With the left side of the screen controls the movement of the ship, with the right controls the weapons and the removable front section of the ship.

The module is a kind of shield, it can be placed in the front or the rear, as in the original game R-type than twenty years ago.

The first impressions of the game are great, the ship is easily controlled, though with too much speed.
The novices players might have some difficulty managing a game so hectic.

The enemies to be defeated when the levels look just the same as the original game, the structure of the levels and true to the original. Evaluate this game is not easy, because the game is great, but if I have to consider a factor that may lower the valuation is the touch control system.

Many years ago, I was a fan of super nintendo version of this game, I finished it about a dozen times, after so many years without play I understood what made this game a great game! The difficulty and weapons! but especially the boss !!!

The final judgment on this version of the game is enough, even if the game is great.

Here is the link to download the game.




Here’s the video gameplay! made by Android Angry: