Race Time: The Review

Race Time is a fun racing game for Android devices, developed by PeopleFun and available for download on the Play Store.

The purpose of the game is to challenge the ghosts of other riders (strangers or friends) through an asynchronous multiplayer, to make better times and collect coins.

In the game’s main menu, you can select the two modes of the game, connect the game to Facebook to challenge our friends (their ghosts asynchronously) and overcome their time, select a prize (a vehicle or coins), watch a video Advertising to earn coins or buy vehicles with coins we have already earned.

The gameplay of the game consists in measuring the accelerator of the car so that it does not get off the road (this will slow us down considerably) and make them occupy the right lane at the right time, in such a way to go a bend faster.

If at first driving the vehicle may seem easy, I have bad news to give you, driving these vehicles is extremely difficult (to make low times) but at the same time it is fun.
When you get to know the track and you will understand how to handle each turn, you will score the ranking of the times, this ranking is divided into three levels depending on the lap time.
The first category is the novice, will surely shake the timing of this category.

The second category is the pro, here you start to do seriously! You will have to face several laps on the new track before passing this level.
The third and last category of times is the Master, here are the best riders in the world! Only a few of the best are able to get to the top of this ranking.

One of the best features of this game is the availability of so many different vehicles, from cars to rockets, from scope to aircraft.
The game’s graphics are pretty, they have beautiful colors but do not expect anything wonderful.

The game is fluid (I’ve tested it on my old 2015 phone with Android 5.1) and the fast uploads, great button to start over again when I get it wrong.

My final judgment on this game is good! I recommend trying it because it occupies a few MBs and is fun, I recommend playing it in small 15/20 minute mass sessions.

Here is the download link:
Here is my video gameplay: