Stickman Basketball: The Review

Stickman Basketball is a fun sports game developed by Djinnworks GmbH.

The Basketball is a sport known throughout the world, in the last 30 years have been developed dozens of games of this sport, some very complex (such as the latest developed 2K (NBA 2K17)) other less complex and more immediate.
If you’re wondering which category Stickman Basketball, the answer is to the category of simple and instant games.


Just start the game we can choose among many ways, some available now, others will have to be unlocked.

In the various methods vary the number of players and for example in a tournament, the number of teams to deal with.

Among the various ways there are quick game that will allow us to make a game by selecting our team, the opposing team and the various options that are:
– Automatic or manual stroke.
– Difficulty: easy, medium or difficult.
– Matchtime from 4min, 6min, 8min or 16 Min.
– The color of the shirt.

The gameplay of the game initially is a difficult to control, in particular the touch controls on the right are too close and create a lot of confusion, instead the commands to move the Stickman are placed on the left and allow to make a sufficiently accurate control of the stickman (to be a touch control).

Sometimes I happen to press the wrong button and pull instead of passing the ball, because of the touch buttons are too small and close (as you can see at the beginning of the gameplay videos).
After becoming acquainted with the controls have managed to maintain some having fun and winning some games.
The graphics are well designed to be a free game for smartphones, even if good is to be appreciated better play on a tablet by at least 7 inches, the visual allows to have a good view of the action, even if the ball is a bit ‘ too small if played on 5-inch display or smaller.

My final judgment on this game is good, the game is fun if you can make good use of touch controls and can be downloaded for free from the play store.
Here is the link for the download

Here is my gameplay video: