Table Tennis Touch: The Review

Table Tennis is the best game of its kind for Android devices, developed by yakuto, it has a modern graphics and great gameplay.

In the game modes are available:
-Quick Game (if you fancy a quick game).
-Arcade (Where you can choose from the various mini-games).
Local -Multiplayer (via your local Wi-Fi network).
-Career The main mode of the game.

The gameplay is very fast, several times the speed of play is high and if you do not have the reflexes of a cat will not be able to hit the ball.

It is very important to measure the power, find an ideal line and make powerful shots or dampen the ball and try to make the wrong opponent.

To continue in the career we will be good even in mini-games, all pretty tough and well made.
Each mini game asks us to perform actions like hitting a bowling or a specific area or a house or keeps on hitting.
In the mini games we will receive a bronze medal, silver or gold, to receive it we will be very good!
The career is structured in 3 worlds with increasing difficulty, to complete everything and win all the gold medals you’ll have to be very good.
The variety of mini-games will not make you never get bored!

My final judgment on this game is good!
Here are the links to download the game:


Here is my gameplay video: