Train conductor world: The Review

Train conductor world is a simulator of railway trains and exchanges for Smartphone Android, created and developed by The Voxel Agents.

The aim of the game is to guide each train to the color of his exit, avoiding collision with other trains through railway points or stopping trains.
Just start the game we will be the first of 20 stations, each station must win to reach the tracks to build the railway.

To win the binary (or buy them) we must complete the various levels, divided into stations.
The first levels are very simple, in fact, serve to learn to master the game mechanics.

The difficulty you start doing high from the third Amsterdam (Station), in fact often not be able to complete the level because of the complexity of the game, in fact often the trains will collide.
Despite the difficulty is high, the game is never boring and will force you to think.
Train conductor world is a game that needs a bit ‘of time to be appreciated, but it is very beautiful, original and fun.

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I must admit that sometimes I struggled a lot to handle all trains, and often had to send the output of the wrong color to avoid an impact.

My final point about the game is GOOD the developers have managed to create an original game that deserves to be tried.

Here is the link for the download of the game:

Here’s my first levels of gameplay video: